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Understanding The Emotions

Mourning who we used to be

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February 23, 2003

The Caregiver Road Trip by Lori Flaherty ( 02-14-2002)

Advice for Caregivers and Spouses of Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia by Eunice Beck, R.N. ( 02-12-2003)

The CFIDS Path of Life
by Jennifer Lynn Day
If CFIDS makes you realize anything it is that life is what you make of it. You can make it difficult or easy.
With any illness, life changes and is more complex but you can make it easier by letting go of the fact that you've been cheated out of what life you wanted to have.

Think of why you were given this path of life. Maybe you will find something you've been looking for on the CFIDS path opposed to the path of a normal young person. Think about what you wanted your life to be about if you were not sick. Then think about what the CFIDS path of life has already given you. Would you have ever had time to literally stop and smell the roses, enjoy the chirping of a bird, or find out who you really are ? You are a wonderful person but would you have ever noticed ? You were a smart and determined person before but you have to realize that you are still that same person. You are determined to find a cure for CFIDS. You are just as smart but you've lost the power to control your thinking. Maybe your grades don't show that you are brilliant but your actions do. We, the young people w/ CFIDS, despite not feeling well can make just as much difference as anyone who could out run or walk us.

The bigger the obstacle, the greater the challenge. We will overcome this obstacle and come out even stronger. You can still achieve your goals and make your dreams come true but to overcome an obstacle makes the victory even greater. An acomplishment means truely that to acomplish your goals. What could be a greater acomplishment than a chronic illness ? Once we conquer this obstacle we have acomplished more than enough for this lifetime.